The Future Leaders Of Sudan Should Know They Are Replaceable

Hope For A New Sudan

The Successful eradication of  the dictator Omar Al-Bashir should never be forgotten by both the civilians and the future leaders. Therefore, this victory should not be taken lightly.  Taking this into account, the Sudanese people (before they quickly appoint a new leader) should reflect on the past for a better, stronger and enhanced Sudan.

For instance, “our next so called leaders” should closely examine the old ruling system and swear an oath to never go back on the same road. The citizens of Sudan can not afford to go through another thirty years of suffering, poverty, fear and injustice.

Also, religion should not be mixed with politics ever again. This should be very clear to the future leaders.

I am not criticizing or attacking anyone’s beliefs, but I would like to point out that religion is a “faith based organization and does not favor everyone in the country”. Therefore, religion should be tossed as completely.

I recall when I returned back home to Khartoum in 2016 for three weeks, looking around the country, it was obvious that the governments main focus was more on defending the constituency of the belief system rather than its citizens. Therefore, I strongly believe that religion should have nothing to do with how people are to be served and treated in their own country. Religion should be an optional and personal  not a must “follow”.  Religion and politics is two different entities and will not be a part of the public sphere.

 Also choosing democracy should be a priority right now. The Sudanese people should not pay attention to any lies, but focus on continuing to have a voice in who rules them. This will ensure future leaders know that they are replaceable if the people are not well served and overall happy.

Lastly, the people of Sudan need to have zero tolerance for any form of corruption, greed, selfishness, and favoritism. These elements should be realized in any potential leader before they get elected. Sudan is wealthy in resources (land, oil, minerals, and gold) for all citizens, not just the leaders. The ultimate aim of the next leader should be centered upon equality, security, freedom and unity of the Sudanese people.

I hope that the eradication of Omar Al-Bashir is a catalyst for a New Sudan.

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