Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir Gone, Thanks To The People’s Defiance Over the Past Few Months

I love Sudan

I still can not believe that Omar-Al Bashir’s long thirty year dictatorship has come to an end. This news seems too good to be true. The joy I feel for right now is unreal–now I can go back home and see grandpa (who had been trapped in another part of Sudan because of this dictator) whom I have not seen since I was five years old.

Bashir is the reason many Sudanese people (including my family) have fled the country for safety, security and better life.

He is the reason many people did not get a chance in Sudan to fulfil their purpose, achieve and or amount to very much–this is tragic. I hope he is the last dictator Sudan will ever have.

Today however, I would like to praise the people of Sudan, whom stood together in unity and protested for five months (possibly slightly longer) to make this day possible.

I respect and salute each and every one of you for your tremendous resilience and defiance over the past five months. You fought to gain freedom and you did not stop until you were victorious–this makes me exceedingly proud.

I hope from here onwards that people of Sudan will rule Sudan with a hungry to make Sudan a better place for now and the generation to come. Too many years under the dictator has been wasted. He selfishly lived his life, benefiting himself, family and other corrupt government officials. However, today, I hope this will not happen again.

I hope the next Sudanese leader will come into power with love in his heart for the people and the country. It is not fair on the people to live (from one generation to the other) in poverty, injustice and fear in their own country.
Enough is enough.

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