What If I Do Not Achieve My Dreams

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

Life is such a long journey to endure–what if I do not achieve my dreams?

I can not imagine the people who are in jobs they do not like or enjoy doing, but they have to in order to sustain themselves and provide for their families.

In saying this, life seems unfair. Some people have it easier than others. For example those people born into wealthy families, born with natural talents (in sports, music, acting, and are naturally smart, excelling in school) and often those with a wealthy network–they are able to achieve their dreams. I am not discrediting their hard work, but I am just pointing out their luck in life.

Lately I have been thinking, what if I don’t achieve my dreams for whatever reasons– what’s next? Do I continue to work and toil all my life in a job I don’t like just to exist?

To think if I don’t achieve my dreams–a mediocre life is what I will have to endure is something which frightens me most.

I wonder if anyone else has thought about this and how do/did you cope with such thoughts?

I hope you and I both achieve and live our dreams!

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