The Power of Choices

The greatest power you carry is the power to choose. You can choose sin intentionally or unintentionally, to pray or not pray, read your bible or not read you bible, go to church or not go to church, obey the flesh or the spirit–the list can go on forever on the things you can choose.

As you have entered the New Year, you have perhaps already been tempted and challenged spiritually, financially and perhaps in other ways, where you were left to make a choice.

However, just remember that every temptation is an attempt by the devil to get us to live our lives independently of God–but like Paul, in every circumstances, lets choose: “Christ who strengthens us” (Phil. 4:13).

As an Apostle of Christ, Paul faced extraordinary hardship–jailing, beating, stoning, spiritual disappointments and more (2 Cor. 11: 23-33). But in all this, Paul looked to Christ to satisfy his needs.

I am writing all this to say, in 2019, whatever issues and hardships come your way, always “choose Christ and look to Him for answers–He is always enough”.

Best wishes for 2019.

God bless!!!

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